Why are NYC moms amazing?

I'm walking into her tiny apartment, she just shouts from her bed, "come in!". She's nursing her 2 day old baby and... answering e-mails.

Being a parent in New York City is not easy. You often have a career that you can't forget about just because you're pregnant, giving birth or have just had a baby. Women work until their last day of pregnancy if only possible and then return to work barely 6 weeks postpartum or a little later if they're lucky. During those first weeks at home they say they are not working, they are simply returning phone calls, answering e-mails and finishing some projects. All with a baby. Newborn baby.

Many are so tired that they decide to hire a baby "nurse". Some opt to hire a postpartum doula. Who to choose and how are they different? Well, the first one looks after the baby, period. The latter one does that too, plus she helps the whole family. Postpartum doula teaches new parents how to care for their baby but she also makes sure the mother is eating well, drinking enough, resting and that she has time for herself, be it a nap or a quick phone call with her boss. Postpartum doula helps moms feel confident as a new parent. She fits perfectly into NYC mom's busy lifestyle. When the time comes to go back to work, she can help figure out how to continue to breastfeed by building milk "stash" ahead of time and have a successful relationship with a breast pump.

NYC moms are amazing because while they "do it all", they also know when to delegate to a housekeeper, personal assistant, chef or a postpartum doula.