"Marta was our doula with my first child and her expertise, kindness, and warmth helped our daughter to enter the world healthy and happy. At the delivery Marta’s breastfeeding support was crucial to our first latch as when the nursing staff was concerned with medical matters, Marta ensured our baby started feeding immediately, which was key to our successful breastfeeding since that moment. After delivery we had Marta work with us post-partum where her expertise in baby wearing helped us to baby wear her since she was 1 week old and there’s still no other place our daughter would rather be! We cannot imagine Marta not being a part of our journey to new parenthood and recommend her very highly!"



"Marta is incredible. She knew just what to do, and how to ask what needed to be done. When I brought my twins home from the hospital, my husband and I, and our toddler, were completely lost. Marta helped us acclimate to our new reality in the most gentile way. She is caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable in all things postpartum. Her passion for her work translates in the care she provides to the whole family. I could not give Marta a stronger recommendation! "



"Marta was wonderful. She was caring and supportive throughout the whole birth experience. My birth was long - 26 hours. Marta stayed with us the whole time, comforted and motivated me to keep going and reminding me of the great reward at the end of it. She equally encouraged my husband and we both felt that her presence had a very positive impact on our experience. I can recommend Marta highly to anyone who is looking for a committed and non-judgmental, warm and caring doula. I would have definitely considered her as my postpartum doula as well but then had my mom join us for a few weeks. I wish her all the best and will recommend her to my friends. "

Nina B.


"I cannot speak highly enough of Marta as a postpartum doula!  I have arthritis and a baby with reflux who needs to be held upright for long stretches of time.  Marta came to my rescue, helping to hold my baby so that he could nap and feel the comfort he needed.  She is the guru of babywearing and did a wonderful job of holding my son in the wrap (which he loves)!  She also helped me to gain confidence all the while I was also gaining strength again during my recovery (a recovery that took a lot longer than I expected!)  She was always helpful in ways I hadn't even anticipated: with housework and preparing delicious items my husband and I relished (for example, beet yogurt and marinated chicken!).  Most importantly, she is a wonderful teacher who shared her knowledge about babycare and breastfeeding, all of which I desperately needed.  My son loves Marta and smiled exuberantly when she visited!  Our whole family benefited immensely."

Brigid C.


"Marta was a great Doula. She was with me and my husband for support before, during and after birth. She was extremely helpful during the time she worked with me and my husband. Although the birth did not go the way I wanted she was supportive and stood by us doing everything she coud to make the process more bearable."

Rosa D.


"Marta has been a pleasure to work with for the times that we have met she has been very supportive partner emotionally.  She has eased my heart in terms of all the questions that I had with delivery on the type of experience and my concerns with breast-feeding and just an overall plan for when my twins would Be delivered. My husband also really enjoyed her presence during our delivery as she created a calm atmosphere for the both of us he was able to interact with the babies and check up on the babies while I was in recovery and he wasn't worried at all because he knew that she was around to take care of my needs.  I look forward to the next couple of weeks of building that bond as well."

Jeni A.